A bug was corrected. It appeared when trying to sort a table by clicking the column header. The p-value column was not properly sorted when entries like "< 1e-300" were present.

The results in the web now show an approximate estimation of the OR based on the first order approximation from: Pirinen et al. Ann. Appl. Stat. (2013).

Now all the files related to a particular trait can be downloaded with a single link. We also made available a bash script that allows the downloading of several traits at once.

We analyzed the chromosome X using imputed variants. We also reanalyzed the HLA imputed alleles by fitting all alleles in the same loci together in the same model. These new results are available in the downloads section.

We repeated the analyses by adding 50,000 additional individuals! Now, you can search for results from GWAS performed on 452,264 individuals. You can still download the previous results from here: http://geneatlas.roslin.ed.ac.uk/download-preprint/

We improved the functionality. The last successful search parameters are now kept in the web interface.

We improved the functionality. Now tables can be downloaded.

Reference allele added to files available for downloading.

We added a new search tool. You can now perform PheWAS on a whole region or gene!

The imputed data for all traits is now available for download!