(2017-0-26) Results for imputed variants are now available for downloading!
(2017-0-26) We added a new search tool. You can now perform PheWAS on a whole region or gene!

Gene ATLAS is a large database of associations between hundreds of traits and millions of variants using the UK Biobank cohort.

The associations have been computed using 408,455 UK Biobank White British individuals. To avoid having to remove the large amount of related individuals present on the study, the associations have been computed using Mixed Linear Models in a large supercomputer using DISSECT. The objective of the current database is to benefit the research community by making a searchable atlas of genetic associations that help researchers to query associations results in an easy way, without the need to incur in the high computational costs required to analyze the UK Biobank large cohort.



Million Variants

This work has been done at the Roslin Institute within the Albert Tenesa’s group with the contributions of Oriol Canela-Xandri and Konrad Rawlik.

The imputed variants are now available for downloading. We are also uploading genotyped and HAPMAP variants into the database.