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Description: M05-M14 Inflammatory polyarthropathies
UK Biobank fields: 41202, 41204
nCases: 20857
nControls: 431407
Field Codes: M0750, M0751, M0752, M0753, M0754, M0755, M0756, M0757, M0758, M0759, M076, M0760, M0761, M0762, M0763, M0764, M0765, M0766, M0767, M0768, M0769, M08, M080, M0800, M0801, M0802, M0803, M0804, M0805, M0806, M0807, M0808, M0809, M081, M0810, M0811, M0812, M0813, M0814, M0815, M0816, M0817, M0818, M0819, M082, M0820, M0821, M0822, M0823, M0824, M0825, M0826, M0827, M0828, M0829, M083, M0830, M0831, M0832, M0833, M0834, M0835, M0836, M0837, M0838, M0839, M084, M0840, M0841, M0842, M0843, M0844, M0845, M0846, M0847, M0848, M0849, M088, M0880, M0881, M0882, M0883, M0884, M0885, M0886, M0887, M0888, M0889, M089, M0890, M0891, M0892, M0893, M0894, M0895, M0896, M0897, M0898, M0899, M09, M090, M0900, M0901, M0902, M0903, M0904, M0905, M0906, M0907, M0908, M0909, M091, M0910, M0911, M0912, M0913, M0914, M0915, M0916, M0917, M0918, M0919, M092, M0920, M0921, M0922, M0923, M0924, M0925, M0926, M0927, M0928, M0929, M098, M0980, M0981, M0982, M0983, M0984, M0985, M0986, M0987, M0988, M0989, M10, M100, M1000, M1001, M1002, M1003, M1004, M1005, M1006, M1007, M1008, M1009, M101, M1010, M1011, M1012, M1013, M1014, M1015, M1016, M1017, M1018, M1019, M102, M1020, M1021, M1022, M1023, M1024, M1025, M1026, M1027, M1028, M1029, M103, M1030, M1031, M1032, M1033, M1034, M1035, M1036, M1037, M1038, M1039, M104, M1040, M1041, M1042, M1043, M1044, M1045, M1046, M1047, M1048, M1049, M109, M1090, M1091, M1092, M1093, M1094, M1095, M1096, M1097, M1098, M1099, M11, M110, M1100, M1101, M1102, M1103, M1104, M1105, M1106, M1107, M1108, M1109, M111, M1110, M1111, M1112, M1113, M1114, M1115, M1116, M1117, M1118, M1119, M112, M1120, M1121, M1122, M1123, M1124, M1125, M1126, M1127, M1128, M1129, M118, M1180, M1181, M1182, M1183, M1184, M1185, M1186, M1187, M1188, M1189, M119, M1190, M1191, M1192, M1193, M1194, M1195, M1196, M1197, M1198, M1199, M12, M120, M1200, M1201, M1202, M1203, M1204, M1205, M1206, M1207, M1208, M1209, M121, M1210, M1211, M1212, M1213, M1214, M1215, M1216, M1217, M1218, M1219, M122, M1220, M1221, M1222, M1223, M1224, M1225, M1226, M1227, M1228, M1229, M123, M1230, M1231, M1232, M1233, M1234, M1235, M1236, M1237, M1238, M1239, M124, M1240, M1241, M1242, M1243, M1244, M1245, M1246, M1247, M1248, M1249, M125, M1250, M1251, M1252, M1253, M1254, M1255, M1256, M1257, M1258, M1259, M128, M1280, M1281, M1282, M1283, M1284, M1285, M1286, M1287, M1288, M1289, M13, M130, M1300, M1301, M1302, M1303, M1304, M1305, M1306, M1307, M1308, M1309, M131, M1310, M1311, M1312, M1313, M1314, M1315, M1316, M1317, M1318, M1319, M138, M1380, M1381, M1382, M1383, M1384, M1385, M1386, M1387, M1388, M1389, M139, M1390, M1391, M1392, M1393, M1394, M1395, M1396, M1397, M1398, M1399, M14, M140, M141, M142, M143, M144, M145, M146, M148, M05, M050, M0500, M0501, M0502, M0503, M0504, M0505, M0506, M0507, M0508, M0509, M051, M0510, M0511, M0512, M0513, M0514, M0515, M0516, M0517, M0518, M0519, M052, M0520, M0521, M0522, M0523, M0524, M0525, M0526, M0527, M0528, M0529, M053, M0530, M0531, M0532, M0533, M0534, M0535, M0536, M0537, M0538, M0539, M058, M0580, M0581, M0582, M0583, M0584, M0585, M0586, M0587, M0588, M0589, M059, M0590, M0591, M0592, M0593, M0594, M0595, M0596, M0597, M0598, M0599, M06, M060, M0600, M0601, M0602, M0603, M0604, M0605, M0606, M0607, M0608, M0609, M061, M0610, M0611, M0612, M0613, M0614, M0615, M0616, M0617, M0618, M0619, M062, M0620, M0621, M0622, M0623, M0624, M0625, M0626, M0627, M0628, M0629, M063, M0630, M0631, M0632, M0633, M0634, M0635, M0636, M0637, M0638, M0639, M064, M0640, M0641, M0642, M0643, M0644, M0645, M0646, M0647, M0648, M0649, M068, M0680, M0681, M0682, M0683, M0684, M0685, M0686, M0687, M0688, M0689, M069, M0690, M0691, M0692, M0693, M0694, M0695, M0696, M0697, M0698, M0699, M07, M070, M0700, M0701, M0702, M0703, M0704, M0705, M0706, M0707, M0708, M0709, M071, M0710, M0711, M0712, M0713, M0714, M0715, M0716, M0717, M0718, M0719, M072, M0720, M0721, M0722, M0723, M0724, M0725, M0726, M0727, M0728, M0729, M073, M0730, M0731, M0732, M0733, M0734, M0735, M0736, M0737, M0738, M0739, M074, M0740, M0741, M0742, M0743, M0744, M0745, M0746, M0747, M0748, M0749, M075
Gender used for the analysis: Males and Females

Manhattan Plot (genotyped)

Containing 623,94 genotyped variants that passed quality control

Manhattan Plot (imputed)

Containing 9,113,133 imputed variants that passed quality control

Manhattan Plot (imputed)

Containing all (QC and non-QC) 30,798,054 imputed variants available for downloading

Q-Q Plot

Containing 9,113,133 imputed variants that passed quality control, with a P different than 0